Natasha Forden

Hip Hop, Jazz

Natasha Forden has danced professional as a Sixers Dancer of the NBA Philadelphia 76ers since 2015 and continues to date. Prior to her professional dance career Natasha studied under the tutelage of Director and studio owner Maria Quezada of Dance on Q, in South Brunswick, NJ.

As a competitive dancer Natasha attended Dance on Q in late 2007 trough the end of her high-school career in 2012. There she gained further dance knowledge and technique in ballet, hiphop, jazz, and lyrical. Natasha began student teaching at age 15, expanding her experience of becoming a leader and positive influence for other younger dancers. Although Natasha concluded her dance competition years with Dance on Q in 2012, she continued to teach for four more years while attending Mercer Community College, and pursuing her dance career with the Sixers Organization.

Natasha currently attends Rowan University as a Senior pursuing a degree in Radio, TV, Film with a minor in Journalism. Natasha is also employed as a motivational dancer by two entertainment companies, All Around Entertainment and Encore Entertainment. Natasha has also poses as a fit-model for “A Wish Come True” dance costume catalog and she’s looking forward to acquiring her certification in Zumba dance fitness.