About Us

Who We Are

Front Row Talent is a high quality, professional, production company that specializes, but is not limited to, dance events, musicals, and concerts.  We have a highly skilled team with a wide range of knowledge covering many aspects of the entertainment industry.  From Technical Direction, Production Management, Lighting Design, Audio Engineering, Photography, Videography, Performing Arts Education, and more!  Front Row Talent has you covered! Our talented and creative team members look forward to helping you create events, and productions that will provide guests and clients with unforgettable memories.


Our Mission


We take a lot of pride in focusing on providing the best experience for the students that attend our workshops & conventions.  Front Row Talent plans to meet or exceed all expectations at every event by providing a faculty and staff that creates a fun, safe, and professional environment that encourages growth and creativity.


Every member of our team is driven by the passion they have for the industry.    We are a family of creative individuals that are constantly learning and strive to be the best that we can be so that we can provide our clients with high quality services.


Front Row Talent believes in treating our clients fairly with upfront honesty and respect.  There are no hidden fees or surprises.


Front Row Gives Back

Here at Front Row Talent we believe in giving back to the community.  That's why each year a portion of our profits will be donated to a charity.